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A small business owner is happy with their Health Spending Account.

Health Spending Account (HSA)

Tax Deductible & Flexible Extended Health Benefits Plans for Small Business Owners.

Why Choose a Health Spending Account (HSA)


CRA Approved

Canada Revenue Agency allows any expense included on the Medical Expense Tax Credit list


Tax Deductible

You can write off 100% of eligible medical expenses



Give your employees

the freedom to spend their benefits dollars how they want


Fully Digital

24/7 access to submit claims through myHSA app

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Who is a Health Spending Account for?

Working in Cafe

Owner Operators

(No Employees)

Why not turn you and your family's medical expenses into a tax write off?

If you are a sole proprietor, you may be eligible for an HSA. Speak with your trusted tax advisors first!

Young Entrepreneurs

Small Business Owners

(1 - 50 Employees)

A suitable option if you're not ready for a full benefits plan or looking to supplement your existing one. Insure major areas like prescription drugs, disability, and life, and use an HSA for the rest.

Casual Meeting

Large Business Owners

(50+ Employees)

You probably have a standard insured benefits plan, but with diverse employees, needs differ.

Instead of paying for unused benefits, allow your employees to decide how to allocate their benefit dollars with an HSA.


Free & Easy

No membership fees & easy 2-page application process.

Fully Digital Experience

No annoying paperwork for setup and medical claims.

Top up Your Existing Plan

HSAs offer more flexibility & broader coverage than traditional plans.


*This page is not intended to provide tax advice or act in place of a consultation with a tax professional. The information is general in nature. You are responsible to consult with accredited and trusted accountants and tax professionals!

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