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Why get a quote on your existing benefits plan?


Every company's situation will be unique, but we have found the following to be the most common reasons why a company should be looking at alternative quotes. 


You're unhappy with your current plan or advisor


This one is obvious. If the advisor or the plan is not living up to your expectations its time to take a look at your options. 


There may be a better price out there

Often times advisors work with only one, or a select few carriers. You could be paying more than you need. Additionally, did you know your advisor sets their own commission? You may be able to get the exact same plan, from the same carrier for less money, without having to change a thing. Repeat, you may be able to change nothing about your benefits plan and get a better a price. 


Negotiating Power 


You are happy with your current plan. Your advisor is great, and you have no intention of switching. Get an alternative quote around renewal time to add negotiating power. If your carrier thinks you are looking to move your business they will fight harder to give you the best deal. 


And of course, it's free to look with no obligation to buy!





Time to renew your plan? Curious about what else is available? Get the best deal, hassle free, with Easy Group Benefits. 

*Use our Quote Request Sheet here

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