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Health Care Spending Accounts

Turn all eligible medical expenses into a tax write off.

Our Health Care Spending Accounts are absolutely free to set up and you only pay when you make a claim. If you don't use the plan, you don't pay!

Create A Health Care Spending Account Online within minutes. Click here!

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What is it?

A Health Care Spending Account allows business owners to write off 100% of eligible medical expenses.


The CRA allows any expense included on the Medical Expense Tax Credit list.

Why should I setup an HSA through Easy Group Benefits?

-Free to setup

-No membership fees

-No prefunding 

-Easy to setup - 2 page application

-Fully digital experience through the myHSA app

-No annoying paperwork

-Make eligible medical expenses tax-deductible

-Top up your existing plan

-Give your employees the freedom to spend their benefits dollars how they want

*This page is not intended to provide tax advice or act in place of a consulation with a tax professional. The information is general in nature. You are responsible to consult with accredited and trusted accountants and tax professionals!

Who is it for?

Owner Operators, No employees:


Why not turn you and your family's medical expenses into a tax write off?

If you are a sole proprietor ou may be eligible for an HSA. Speak with your trusted tax advisors first!

Small business owners, 1-50 employees:


A great alternative if you don't want to commit to a full benefits plan. It also acts as a great top up to an existing insured plan.


It is very common for a small business to insure catastrophic claim areas such as prescription drugs, disability and life and self fund the rest through an HSA.


Large business owners:


You most likely have an insured benefits plan in place. If you don't you should click here and get that started.


With a large pool of employees it is very unlikely that there is much commonality in what your employees would like for coverage.


Why pay for benefits that will go unused? Through an HSA you can allocate benefits dollars to employees and they decide how to use it.  

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